The importance of NOT relying on a scale.

The scale can be a huge help in measuring weight loss by pounds. Unfortunately, it’s easy to abuse the scale and its powers. The scale has the ability to tell you how much you weigh at any given time… now, when you’re seriously trying to lose weight, it becomes easy to develop an obsession with those numbers. A very common symptom of scale obsession is weighing yourself everyday, feeling anxious when you don’t, and consistently stepping on and off multiple times to see if the number gets lower the next time. News flash, ladies and gents- the scale is proven to be an INACCURATE depiction of your health. Here are a couple important things to remember:

  1. Lower scale numbers do not equal healthy and higher scale numbers do not equal unhealthy

This is so important!!! I cannot stress it enough! Weight fluctuations are NORMAL and they happen to everyone. Your weight can creep up to 5 lbs throughout the day from eating and drinking. This is something that cannot be reversed, and therefore, we must come to terms with. No one likes to see fluctuations, but they must happen in order to progress further.

2.  The BMI is a load of crap

I spent so long being bent out of shape because the BMI calculator was telling me that I was overweight for my height. The BMI is a GENERIC body modification calculator that does NOT attend to or consider different body types and different lifestyles. For instance, I run daily and lift weights, so I build a lot of muscle. Most of my weight is in muscle and I’m very toned, yet the BMI calculator still says I’m overweight. Sounds a little funky, right? That’s because it is. Don’t trust a ‘calculator’ to modify your health. Trust your instinct.

3.  Weighing in once a week is better for your mental health rather than weighing in everyday

I used to weigh in everyday, and found myself becoming obsessed with those numbers. Whenever they weren’t moving, or crept up even two ounces, I’d lose my mind. It’s proven to better your mental health and also heighten your chances of weight loss to weigh in only once per week, same day, same time.

In short, do not rely on other forms of generic weight/health modification charts or scales. Only YOU know what’s best for YOU. The scale becomes useless when it allows you to think negative thoughts about yourself. It’s all about how you feel and look, not the number on the scale or where you fall on a body weight chart. Remembering these tips will surely help ease the mind when transitioning into a healthier you.