My Thoughts on Freelee the Banana Girl…

Freelee the Banana Girl.

Freelee the Banana Girl is an Internet sensation from Australia in the vegan community. Her Youtube channel promotes living a completely vegan lifestyle, in addition to calling out other Youtubers for promoting unsustainable eating disorder-related diets and trying to help them. Freelee herself is a very controversial topic as most people who have heard of her claim that she’s nuts, psycho, and is just trying to brainwash people to get onto her vegan lifestyle. I mean, I can’t say it didn’t work. I went vegan after watching an array of Freelee videos, but she certainly did not brainwash me. She uses scientific research and investigative studies to prove why the vegan diet is the most wholesome diet you could put yourself on… after watching more and more of her videos, I gotta give it to her. She’s one smart girl and she knows how to make a point.

Freelee herself has dealt with an array of eating disorders in her lifetime and, at one point, was an avid meat-eater. She even claimed in a recent interview with What The Health that she fell off the vegan lifestyle at one point, claiming that it didn’t work, but it was because she simply was not eating enough for her body to sustain nutrients. She has now been vegan for about 10 years.

Freelee’s main vegan diet that she has been working with is called the Raw Till 4 diet, which I personally have done before. The diet consists of eating all raw, organic fruits and vegetables until 4PM, and then you can cook your healthy meal to your choosing. I did this for about 5 months and it was the best I have felt in a very long time. Freelee now aims for a entirely raw vegan diet everyday (meaning no cooked meals).

For those of you interested for more information on the Raw Till 4 diet, it is a HIGH-CARB LOW-FAT diet. This realization to me that carbohydrates are important was life- changing for me, because I always thought that carbs were the enemy. No. Wrong. We NEEEEEED carbohydrates in our lives. We also need good fats, that we get from the whole organic foods our body needs. In turn, with high carb and low fat, you then start to see weight-loss while feeling genuinely satisfied and overall good. This is why “low-carb diets” and “low-cal diets” simply do not work. They eventually end up backfiring.

In the wise words of Freelee the Banana Girl: “You need to CARB THE FUCK UP!”

My overall thoughts on Freelee are as follows; she is definitely a staple in the vegan community, whether she has good or bad publicity. She has a following of people whose lives have been changed for the better because of her. She certainly changed my life! I’m forever grateful to have found her videos and I am extremely thankful to have been educated on healthy, wholesome eating.

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