My own experience with weight loss: “Eat food, lose weight”

Thought I would document this moment since I thought it would be a great educational tool for anyone who may be using restrictive methods to lose weight.

Yesterday I woke up and had my usual breakfast, but had to skip lunch. Why? I didn’t get a break at work and I was starving. I came home with every intention of cooking the biggest damn meal you’ve ever seen in your life, and I did! Diced peppers and onions mixed with brown rice, with pita bread dipped in olive oil on the side. The meal was bigger than my head and I ate every last bite.

Now, I wake up this morning knowing today is weigh-in day. Think nothing of it. If anything I would think I maintained weight or gained a couple ounces because I ate a meal bigger than the jaws of life last night. Go to weigh-in. Ladies and gentleman, I’m about to give you some real wisdom.

I dropped 2 lbs since my last weigh-in and I’m exactly 8 ounces away from my first goal weight… I’ve lost almost 10 lbs from what? From eating.

So, please, if you’re on this restrictive diet calorie-cutting kick, just drop it. I’m living proof that you really can have your cake (or diced peppers/onions and rice) and eat it, too. [Although I occasionally do enjoy the cake] I truly do eat as much as I want during the day and I do log all of my food to make sure my calories are up (not down). With these eating habits and a pretty active lifestyle, I am seeing the weight begin to burn off completely. And, to be clear, it is gradual. Proper weight loss does NOT happen overnight. I’ve been working at this since early May 2017 and I’ve lost almost 10 lbs. Had I done it the wrong way, I would probably have lost more, yes. But, its not a sustainable diet, it’s not a healthy diet, and it does not provide long-term success. Eat food, lose weight!

Food for thought, my friends. XO

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